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Product Description

Coollaboratory Liquid Pro is the first heat conducting medium, which is worthy of its name. It is the first thermal compound that consists of 100% liquid metal alloy. It is liquid at room temperature (like mercury), but it is absolutly nontoxic and has a high moistening ability for several materials apart from aluminum. The Coollaboratory Liquid Pro is especially recommended for nickel-plated copper.

Coollaboratory Liquid Pro contains no non-metallic additives (like silicone, oxides etc.) at all. It also does not contain any solid particles. Due to these properties, Coollaboratory Liquid Pro surpasses the best high performance heat conducting pastes by a multiple.

The Coollaboratory Liquid Pro is available in retail package which included beside the Liquid Pro, a printed manual, cotton buds and a cleaning set (with cleaning tissues and metal grinding pad).



Coollaboratory Liquid Pro got since its publication over 46 awards worldwide and represents the absolute reference of heat conduction pastes in the high-end market besides the products Liquid Ultra und Liquid MetalPad. We have collected and linked all tests for you. Read the impressions objective tester and assure yourself of the fact of the quality and capacity of the Coollaboratory Liquid Pro heat conduction paste.

Weight 0.04 kg

metal alloy

Thermal conductivity

80 W/mK

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Vengeance Low Profile heat spreaders have a reduced height of 1.03". They're designed for high-performance systems with extra-large CPU coolers, small form factor system builds, or any other space-constrained application where you need high-performance memory but standard Vengeance modules might not fit.
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  • Great looking, great overclocking memory
    Corsair Vengeance memory modules are designed with overclockers in mind. Vengeance DIMMs are built using RAM specially selected for their high-performance potential. Aluminum heat spreaders help dissipate heat, and provide the aggressive look that you want in your gaming rig.
  • Optimized for compatibility with the CPUs and motherboards
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High-performance 360mm liquid cooler with lighting and CAM controls
The all-new Kraken Series features the most advanced controls ever to be included in an all-in-one liquid cooler. Through CAM’s software interface, users can fine-tune settings to ensure an optimal performance, even in the most intense gaming sessions. Everything, including the pump, radiator, and the fans, have been redesigned to bring you the greatest experience in liquid cooling, all backed by an industry-leading 6-year warranty.  

  • New performance engineered pump
  • Individually addressable RGB and infinite mirror design
  • CAM Powered for complete software control
  • Includes Aer P radiator-optimized fan
  • Advanced lighting modes for a fully dynamic lighting experience
  • Reinforced, extended tubing for increased durability

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